Traditional? No thanks.

Contemporary, award-winning design meets whisky — a more perfect combination couldn't have been asked for.

Family-owned from Melbourne, Australia

Founded by the Saar family in Melbourne, Australia, Malt & Brew is operated by father and son duo, Yftach and Thomas.

Our Story

Our Values

Malt & Brew operates from the strong foundation of our core values.


Quality matters.

Just okay is not enough. We strive to create a compelling and unique product, manufactured to the highest of standards. That means working closely with our manufacturers and team to provide not only the best value, but also a customer experience to match.


Respect for everyone.

For you, for our staff, for all partners and for the environment. Kindness, respect and understanding are core pillars to developing a successful business and we hold ourselves to high expectations and standards.


Aussie authenticity.

We are a family-owned, Aussie business. With that comes the responsibility of offering an authentic experience that Aussies expect. That means you can expect us to be transparent, to communicate clearly and always find ways to improve.


Sustainable practice.

We care and we know you do too. We do what we can to help mitigate our carbon footprint. From plastic free packaging to responsible recycling. Every step we take is one towards a better, more sustainable future.

Worried about cracks?

We've got you covered. In the unlikely event of a crack or defect, we will send you a replacement glass immediately - no questions asked.

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